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RNJ Consultancy Services, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is brainchild of a technology person who has done engineering in the field of Information Technology (University Bronze Medalist) and has worked with one of the multinational IT Company for several years. Having corporate exposure and a very good understanding of different technologies in the industry, he has started providing IT services to various clients across the globe along with the team of enthusiastic professionals.

Based in Kolkata, India since the year 2009, RNJ Consultancy Services has been successfully developing applications for several clients in India and has also been involved with some of the international assignments. Our motto “Making web Beautiful” reflects its Innovative power and Ideas to be inculcated in several services provided to the customers.

RNJ Consultancy Services offers new and innovative Web services including a wide range of Internet & Web related technology solutions. With continuous research, professional expertise, and proficient functioning in the Website Designing Industry, RNJ Consultancy Services has acquired an elite place for itself among the corporate. Our major services include web design, application development and web promotion, web hosting, and multimedia. We provide our customers cutting-edge technology solution enabling them to compete in the revolutionary e-Business arena.

At RNJ Consultancy Services, we believe in total customer satisfaction and give the highest priority to provide fast response and personalized assistance to all our clients. We also provide extensive customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with each and every step of involvement in terms of the design, functionality. As a result you get vis-a-vis expected deliverable. Most importantly, we are confident that people will find your web site to be professionally produced, useful and pleasant prompting them to visit again and again. So, fly above your competition and let your company rise with RNJ Consultancy Services.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

All products reached much faster to the masses through the internet, mobile apps and several other digital media.

Easy CRM

The CRM studies customer data and history and tries to categorize clients based on their needs and priorities.

IT Consultation

Many businesses, though good at what they do, are unable to establish their foothold in the market owing to weak IT infrastructural skills.

Software Development

RNJ Consultancy Services is committed to deliver efficient, unique and custom approaches to the software development process through tailored solutions. With this endeavor our comp...

Creative Design

You don’t get a second chance to make your first impression, so why to take risk. Like it or not, we are living in a fast paced world where people make judgments based on how you...

Web Solution

Technology alters the way we communicate and carry on business. It is crucial to incorporate these changes into your business and get benefited out of it. Web based application dev...

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