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The way requirement were handled right from the beginning by RNJ Consultancy Services the total professionalism and personal touch and giving importance ...

Rahul Singh

Chakde Education

Flash is a versatile tool that can be used to create highly interactive web applications and presentations. RNJ Consultancy Services builds Flash-based applications that look great, interact smoothly and work perfectly.

In current web world most of the popular sites utilize flash – whether it is a multimedia advertisement, a bit of animation, a video player or a rich internet application.

We offer a wide array of flash web design services including 3D animation, flash header & intro, interactive maps, movies with multimedia and sound, full-fledged flash websites, interactive flash tutorials and action script development.

Our highly skilled and expert team of flash designers would carefully assess your needs to analyze how flash could benefit your company! We use Object Oriented Programming techniques with latest frameworks like Flash CS3, AS 2.0 and AS 3.0 with MVC to create cutting-edge flash animations.

Why use Flash?

  • Supports bi-directional audio & video streaming
  • Able to manipulate vector & raster graphics
  • Supported by a wide-array of platforms and browsers
  • Ideal for multimedia
  • Well-suited for interactive apps and games