RNJ Consultancy Services is committed to deliver efficient, unique and custom approaches to the software development process through tailored solutions. With this endeavor our company gets to the bottom of our clients’ problems and put all their ideas into practice.

RNJ Consultancy Services offers its customers an extensive range of services, including:

  • Database Design and Development
  • Application Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Maintenance and Support for Applications and Systems
  • Software Quality Assurance

We always aim at finding new creative ideas in order to meet our customers’ specific requirements and preferences. We make it a point to optimize the time spent on development. As a result, we deliver proper solutions within a fraction of time. And we make this plausible by choosing the most progressive technologies to develop software corresponding to all our customers’ expectations.

We personalize each project as all our clients have their own specific business strategies and requirements. Our developers’ team is ready to implement successfully both custom application development and business solution integration into a ready operating system. We accomplish our target making the most of our technical expertise.

We deliver distinct value through:

  • Our focus on product engineering.
  • Strong technology prowess and constant innovation.
  • Our focus on customer growth plans, strategic objectives and partnering with them to achieve it.
  • Use of innovative engagement models with the intention of  aligning customer’s vision of the engagement
  • Custom designed product and process models to meet customer’s needs.
  • Usage of agile product development methodology that provides immense control through short realizable milestones, regular feedback loops and progress indicators.