Before the advent of digital marketing, the transition of a product from producer to consumer depended largely on the producer’s hold over the market, while it took a while through print and audiovisual media to reach the masses. However, with the emergence of digital media things took an abrupt turn for the better. All products reached much faster to the masses through the internet, mobile apps and several other digital media.

RNJ Consultancy Services would be elated to provide the services to its patrons. We have set our footprints on the digital platform and we plan to go stronger with technologies like display advertising and social media platforms. The perception associated with the marketing of brands and businesses has now taken a turn completely. Instead of physically visiting stores, digital media allows the integration of marketing strategies in daily life. Several components of digital marketing like content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing and e-mail direct marketing are making marketing much easier and accessible.

At RNJ Consultancy Services we provide our clients' services like e-commerce marketing and SMS marketing apart from other mentioned services. Our rates are competitive and we offer services customized according to client needs.