The Task Of Web Developer and Designer In Making Websites

If you think that creating website is easy, better think again. There may be websites these days that created using readymade templates but it does not mean that these websites will not need any more tweaking or adjustments because they do. Never believe for once that everything really done until you have seen it for yourself, as sometimes you will be surprised of the workload and things you need to do.

You see, if you want an effective website that will lure customers to click the buy button then you will need more than just a website that showcase your products or acts as your virtual office. In fact, what you will need are website that could redirect traffic to your site and a web design that could prompt anyone to bookmark or buy what you offer. Given this fact, you certainly need professional to make this a possibility.

Let us define the role of web developer to that of a web designer, so you can have a basic idea as to what you will be facing should you decided to do your own website. Keep in mind that web developer is the one that writes the code and this is something that web designer never does, but some of their roles overlap one another.

Roles of web designer and web developer in making your website overly functional:

1. Planning – In planning the functionality and design of your website the developer and designer, have different roles on this. Nevertheless, they both need to work hand in hand to make the site fully functional and pleasing to the eyes. The designer will ensure that the developer codes will function for the design that the customers wants, and most of the time for company the project manager will ensure this task done on timely manner.

2. The Perfect Business Logic – The success of the website project is on the developer as he will be the one that will develop the website and put into reality the planning and design into motion. But of course, he will do this while consulting with the client as to what codes to use that could effectively make the website functional.

3. Web Design Implementation – The developer and designer of the website will now work together for the implementation and make certain that the site is functional. They both will ensure that the design and codes been implemented as per the specifics of the customer.

4. Testing Stage – This stage is very important as not testing the website before launched could create problems and even ruin its reputation before it starts making money. Thou it is usually the developer who do this, it is best that someone not involve double check the sites just to ensure that every codes are working.

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