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The way requirement were handled right from the beginning by RNJ Consultancy Services the total professionalism and personal touch and giving importance ...

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5 Important Questions Before Engaging Website Developer

Hiring someone to build a website for you is easy as with just one snap of your fingers you can have someone doing it for you. The problem is once you have hired a website designer and developer, you must have the foundation of your website lineup. In other words, you already know the purpose of your and everything that is crucial to assist the designer in coming up with a website that caters to your requirements.

Below are questions that you need to answer first, before hiring a web ... more...

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Importance of Security System That Protects Your Online Business

The World Wide Web did more than just capture the interest of the people as now, it is a part of the life of many people. If you don’t think so, just visit Facebook as this is the social sites that has the largest registered members, followed by MySpace.

The internet growth lead to Ecommerce boons and this further strengthen the hold of internet to a lot of people. However, these days it is not just the ordinary people that have a lot of interest and stake in the World Wide Web ... more...

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Why Website Server Security Issues Important To Discuss With Web Developer

Hacking is the most serious crime in the World Wide Web as this means that the security of the website has been compromise along with the information in the database. In fact, once your site has been hacked then every possible crime on the internet can be committed against you. Hence, discussing the website server security with your web developer to ensure peace of mind is necessary.

If there is a major an issue that every website owners concern themselves the most, it is none other t... more...

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