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JQuery – JQuery And Lamp Applications

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There was a time when LAMP developers would purposely stay away from JavaScript utility unless they forced to use it, this is when Javascript not created yet and jQuery is still a dream.

The creation of jQuery opens possibility beyond every web developer imagines, as the Javascript lightweight options definitely alleviate any complexity of any web problem. In fact, you can practically solve every possible problem that you may deem think and this is what everyone demands from a good library.

The web 2.0 definitely makes ecommerce a great advantage for many online businesses and webmasters. Nevertheless, this change is necessary to stay and be in top of the online business and since there is, now jQuery library to make integration easier and applications of code been simplified then there is no reason not to use this script.

Open source has made web developers job a lot harder since there are now many things to consider and add to a website to make it rank. However, it also opens new possibility and easier way to do things as well, and the release of jQuery in 2006 is a good example of how good is the open source technology.

JQuery streamlined code to a great height, if before its takes about a quarter of page to write codes now you only need 1 to 2 lines of code. The jQuery script also adds the functionality that every PHP applications require, with only minimal footprint left unlike before. Additionally, if adding script to HTML section header used to be a problem now you can do it easily, so you can retain the fast load and standard agile coding that the job require.

The main challenges of every web developer is making applications lightweight or keep it that way, while still meeting the designer request and brand standards. This used to be a problem that seems difficult to maintain or achieve for many web developer but now an easy thing to accomplish with the use of jQuery.

Investing in Javescript, specifically in the integration of jQuery to web 2.0 is the wisest move that you can do, since this script will use only limited resources but provides an almost endless benefits. The integration of LAMP design if done with jQuery can definitely improve loading time, compatibility of cross browser and providing solution to any development challenges is what makes the LAMP applications perfect for the script.


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