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Rahul Singh

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It Has To Be JQuery

Technology is a never-ending process, which only means that web development would also get better and better in the coming months or years. The fact that there is a constant innovation gives web developer the chance to shine, if they stay abreast of changes in the industry. One of the changes is jquery, as this javascript library definitely makes writing code simplified.

Interactive website is what everyone looks for nowadays and not static websites. The innovation of 1.0, 2.0 to 3.0 ... more...

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JQuery Selectors Are Best

Are you a web developer? If you are then you know the importance of jQuery selectors as every excellent developer would certainly master it, as this makes JavaScript writing a lot simple. You can even say that jquery definitely change the way JavaScript is used.

Javascript library makes it simple to write codes, especially when the so-called jquery is now a reality. If before javascript is a problem to use the creation of a library now allows things to run smoothly and most of all, ma... more...

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Why JQuery Is Fast Becoming Popular Than Flash

The World Wide Web technically runs by a gamut of codes, which used to take a quarter of a page but as technology also evolves everyday then the endless writing of codes was reduce to a 1 or 2 lines. This is possible with the use of a JavaScript jQuery, which is becoming popular every day than Adobe flash.

Computer languages these days are just as vital as the spoken language that we use to communicate every day. This is simply because the internet is also as significant as the other ... more...

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