JQuery – Why Its Preferred

Interactivity is crucial to websites, which makes it necessary for web developer to use Javascript. The web 2.0, Ajax and the rejection of Apple flash mobile browsers definitely further push web developer to use JavaScript. By the way, this program is not that easy to use, but the creation of JavaScript libraries makes everything simple. Want to know why then read on.

JQuery is JavaScript leading library, the main reason why it is the widely used by web developer is simply because it makes pages interactive. How it makes response time better, see below for details:

Better Response – Jquery is ideal because it takes away waiting time, especially if the pages has linked pages. You see, the jquery library uses document.ready utility to determine the right time to execute the scripts, unlike window.onload that wait for all pages including external linked to load before the scripts run. The use of document.ready utility makes loading web pages more responsive.

HTML Elements – The jquery makes it easier simply to select the HTML elements to influence. This is possible by wrapping DOM model, which makes it easier to use selectors that are also used for styling the CSS elements. By the way, for your information selecting elements expertly in the same way that CSS does definitely makes it a lot easier to master and learn jQuery.

Unobtrusive Javascript – The fact that the jquery library is simply build to unobtrusive Javascript, which means the DOM elements can fire events that the scripts can actually listen for and makes it also easier for the element to be taken out from the HTML that actually define the structure.

Element Chain – The jquery also makes it possible to chain the different functions so that you can perform the different operations on elements selected and without having to reselect the previously selected elements. The chain added advantage is that you can make the script shorter when it comes to the code lines.

Take note, the function of the jquery makes it a lot easier to perform different action as the elements selected can be save so there is no reason to keep on reiterating the code of each element.

Extensible Function – The reason why jquery can do more is because of the robust system. Keep in mind that developer that write plugins onset can find it challenging but also exciting to develop product catalogs and interactive galleries. This means, there is many things to do with the use of this library.

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