JQuery – Features That Makes It Popular

Jquery is the new way to make website run smoothly and more so with the new and improved Javascript library. The fact that it contains new codes that sets it apart from the previous jQuery definitely makes it a must have.

The best way to show Javascript library work is the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as app the Google maps. These websites shows how Jquery works, and how it is best to use the simplified coding method of the templates that used with the robust system of this application.

Many web developers use the Jquery library because it makes writing code a lot easier, as the new simplified method can make it possible for you to create with only 1 or maybe 2 lines of codes, unlike before, wherein you could consume about quarter of page.

For those not aware, the Jquery is actually free for download and the plug-ins are added bonus that comes with the templates. However, these are not the only added allure of the Javascript library as you can also create animation that is so interactive.

Picture slideshow is also another feature that makes jQuery widely used, as the flexibility that comes with the dynamic system offered by this Javascript is more than enough to create website consider as interactive. You can also find that using this system, makes DOM manipulation easier.

The DOM manipulation allows you basically to do anything you want with a web page such as take the content away, change it or add something that makes the website appealing, using a simple script. For most web developer this is important, as the task is a lot easier because of this.

Now, if you use MySQL queries take note that you can use it by sending it to the database, without even reloading the web page. Making it less hassle compare to other system use. When it comes to validation, you can still use it for your own form validation.

All the above-mentioned features are with the use of Javascript library, the jQuery that changes the Javascript allure. The web developer will probably continue to use this dynamic system as it makes developers work easier. You have the choose in what you use for making your website but having an interactive site these days is mandatory.

In fact, gone are the days of static website so you should consider the tool you will use for making a site.

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