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Rahul Singh

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Why Its Preferred

Interactivity is crucial to websites, which makes it necessary for web developer to use Javascript. The web 2.0, Ajax and the rejection of Apple flash mobile browsers definitely further push web developer to use JavaScript. By the way, this program is not that easy to use, but the creation of JavaScript libraries makes everything simple. Want to know why then read on.

JQuery is JavaScript leading library, the main reason why it is the widely used by web developer is simply because it ... more...

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JQuery And Lamp Applications

There was a time when LAMP developers would purposely stay away from JavaScript utility unless they forced to use it, this is when Javascript not created yet and jQuery is still a dream.

The creation of jQuery opens possibility beyond every web developer imagines, as the Javascript lightweight options definitely alleviate any complexity of any web problem. In fact, you can practically solve every possible problem that you may deem think and this is what everyone demands from a good li... more...

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Features That Makes It Popular

Jquery is the new way to make website run smoothly and more so with the new and improved Javascript library. The fact that it contains new codes that sets it apart from the previous jQuery definitely makes it a must have.

The best way to show Javascript library work is the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as app the Google maps. These websites shows how Jquery works, and how it is best to use the simplified coding method of the templates that used with the robust ... more...

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