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Campus Learn

RNJ Consultancy Services helped me with this project and did an excellent job. I had absolutly no knowledge of the process involved in building a website. He held my hand through the process and made it as simple as possible, kept on schedule, and delivered the product I requested. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.

Hansraj Jain, Campus Learn


I would just like to thank “RNJ Consultancy Services”and say how pleased I’ve been when we have been working on the development of my whole website. I can say that they are able to do everything you want in terms of php based programmation and design as well.

They are truly made me a quality of product from both admin/user perspective and packed with features which are all available through a simple web interface. As a CEO and Webmaster of Mercadillo5, I highly recommend “RNJ Consultancy Services” to anyone looking for developing a great website.

Mourad Daoubi Khamlichi, Mercadillo

XL Usenet

RNJ Consultancy Services is very professional and very fast with their work. We have been working together for almost a year now and are still at it, I think we will be doing alot of work together for years!.

Abdurahman Aazani, XL Usenet

Bevace Media

They are fast yet the quality of the work is not sacrificed. Great work! Really friendly guys and the code is very professional, flexible, honest and creative RNJ’s team is in all aspects. Not just in his work, but also in person the team is a fabulous. You’ll definitely want to try them, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Joel Tukiainen, Bevace Media

Quiz Funnel

RNJ Consultancy Services is an excellent development company! Very nice to work with. They recommends better solutions to you to improve your software, etc. As long as you give them exactly what you require, they will deliver, within a great budget and within the deadline. Highly recommended!

Jeff Lam, Quiz Funnel

D.C.Karel & Sons

RNJ Consultancy Services have made the process of getting a website up and running very easy. I feel that our ideas and style influences were listened to and interpreted so that my website fully represents the image of our business. I highly recommend using RNJ Consultancy Services, they are friendly, professional and have very good creative ideas.

Dharmendar Karel, D.C.Karel & Sons