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We are working with RNJ Consultacny Services for more than 1 year, they have great customer relationship and quality service, before RNJ we worked with lots of companies but we had lots of problems, now we are using  this company for our IT work. We specially recommend their design services.

Giray Temel, Gite

Career Konnect

By redefining quality of service that we are used to RNJ Consultancy Services becomes integral and indispensable part of our company. This makes them unique.

Anubhav Banerjee, Career Konnect

Midway Humsafar

From our very first contact with RNJ to our final website launch, we found RNJ provided an outstanding service and an excellent company to work with. Every question was answered quickly and they went above and beyond what we asked of them. The website they designed and launched for us is exactly what we want and their service made every step of the process simple

Abhishek Tiwari, Midway Humsafar

15 Print

Finished my html to wordpress conversion very quickly – they did everything exactly as I asked and more. I would recommend RNJ Consultancy Services and look forward to working with them again!.

Dave Angel, 15 Print

MS Designs

After wasting our valuable time in search of good usenet developer, we involved RNJ we felt the search engine was going to be tailored to suit our needs exactly as we’d hoped. We feel they used every source available to build the search engine we wanted. I am so happy with the work I have recommended RNJ to several companies and business associates.Thank you RNJ.

Mohammed Koraichi, MS Designs

Chakde Education

The way requirement were handled right from the beginning by RNJ Consultancy Services the total professionalism and personal touch and giving importance to each and every requirements, made it feel that they are a part of our team only and the kind of innovative solution and speedy capability they have is simply amazing.

Rahul Singh, Chakde Education