The Trend To Watch Out By Web Developers For 2011

Technology is always changing, as innovation is part of the World Wide Web even before and up to the present. So, keeping yourself updated with what is the latest trend if you are a web developer is imperative.

Web developers always have to consider the newest technologies and tools available, as webmaster would likely want it added on their websites as well. Hence, not knowing what or how they work could leave you behind. Given this fact, it is safe to assume that web developer must constantly learn and relearn the development in the technology.

Here on, trends that every web developer needs to be aware:

1. NoSQL – The concept of NoSQL is catching the attention of people including the bigwig of Twitter, Google and Facebook. This is because this will change the way people perceive databases and the interactions. If web developer would use this then storing and accessing data with scalability and latency is not a problem. So, expect more of this great and exciting innovation.

2. Hosting, Scaling and Deployment Is Going to Be Easier – The problem of most web developer and other non-trivial problems that comes with web applications will be the thing of the past. These problems all forgotten, as the continued trend in the services of all businesses are looking brighter and brighter with the functionality of the ports. In fact, this is going to take most of the problem off the developers shoulder.

3. Utility JavaScript Libraries – Web developer are often facing many mundane tasks like AJAX and DOM, despite the fact that there are JavaScript that could abstract this issue. The utility libraries have risen in the past year, as many developers deemed it necessary to create new ones that could make the task less-time consuming. For example, Modernizr is a library that is very popular as the technology use for it was able to save time that some people find a problem.

4. JavaScript Testing For Unit Made Easier – Software developer usually test the individual component, as this is a normal procedure. For JavaScript concerned, it has always been a problem as unit testing for this platform is way behind because of the lack of tools that properly needed to do so. However, the development of few tools could not make it easier for developer to test the code. This is good news for web developer, as their workload would lessen.

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