Improved Web Page Features with jQuery

Do you intend to build an interactive application based on a light-weight yet feature-rich open platform? Then, you have jQuery for you that provides you all those features you have been expecting with a wide range of benefits that you cannot obtain from other open source applications. Event handling is one of the basic concepts that helps you in increasing the robustness of the applications you use. Considering the fact that it can be used across any browser, your accessibility options are widely open to make the most out of your varying requirements. It is because of this reason that is considered for animations as well.

Normalization is one of the features that is perfectly achieved as per W3C standards using jQuery. Conventional events based on JavaScript framework are well supported such as clicking, scrolling, double-clicking and highlighting because of its open source paradigm. Moreover, applications that are AJAX have been popularized in recent times because of integrity, portability, security and reliability. Development of applications at a rapid pace is something that is uniquely possible in this manner. Seasoned developers are able to make best use of these features in order to offer a unique platform that helps them in unveiling the most from applications.

Making simple of available code, jQuery helps you in achieving several objective in a systematic manner. For instance, you can determine the exact kind of browser you are using along with its version when you pass on the arguments using the simple “if.. else..” statements. Similarly, you can perform several other functions as well such as disabling the right click function and identifying the exact coordinates of the mouse. Another significant feature offered by jQuery with respect to DOM elements is that of the chaining feature. Moreover, there is another feature known as “LazyLoading” that helps you in loading the exact content as per the requirement.

Advanced web concepts implemented using jQuery will improve the performance of your browser for sure. For instance, preloading of images is a great advantage that helps in faster loading of the web page as per your requirement. Imagine that you are working on animations in an exclusive manner. Then, the feature of preloading will come in handy for you when the performance of the website matters you the most. More specifically, the feature will come in handy for you when there are several web pages with animations are to be handled.

You can even consider using jQuery to minimize the effects upon CPU regarding the way it is utilized. Basically, you require clone() method for this purpose in order to replicate the DOM element that boost the functioning in an extensive manner. This is a dynamic function that provides you much respite when your web browser will still necessitate the aspect of object downloading. Several other benefits could be obtained with the help of these features mentioned so that you can have optimum performance obtained from your web browser. Advanced concepts such as script compression too could be implemented in order to realize the best results.

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